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What does Aluprototyping do?
Aluprototyping CNC machines very low quantities of parts very quickly. Typical quantities are 1–10 pieces and typical lead times are 1–3 business days.

We have developed proprietary technology that combines many of the advantages of rapid prototyping with CNC machining. The result is a fast, convenient and easy to use process for getting quotes, ordering and receiving CNC machined parts.

What is the typical cost?
The best way to find out is to submit a 3D model and get a Aluprototyping quote. Because Aluprototyping uses proprietary software and automated fixturing processes, there are no upfront non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs. This makes purchasing parts in quantities as low as 1-10 cost effective. Prices compared with traditional rapid prototypes (SLA, SLS and FDM) are comparable to somewhat higher, but with the real material properties and improved surface finishes that you get at Aluprototyping you receive a higher VALUE.

Why would I want to use Aluprototyping?
Functional prototyping
Before you have injection mold tooling made or commit to high volume machining processes, you probably want to test a part that is as close to the production part as possible.

At some point in your career, you have probably purchased an SLA, SLS or FDM part to do this and have been disappointed by the fact that it was fragile or by its rough surface finish. With a CNC machined part from Aluprototyping, you get the real material properties (strength, impact resistance, electrical properties, flame retardancy etc) of the base material you really need, as well as a machined surface finish — none of the stair stepping that is inherent with the rapid prototyping technologies.

Custom projects requiring very low quantities
Engineers often need just one or maybe a few parts for test fixtures, assembly jigs or assembly fixtures. Traditional machine shops often charge a significant non-recurring engineering (NRE) charge for programming and fixturing. This NRE charge often makes getting very small quantities unaffordable. The automated Aluprototyping prototype process eliminates the upfront NRE costs and makes quantities as low as one affordable.

In-house machining capabilities overloaded?
Many companies have in-house machining capabilities that do a great job of meeting the company’s internal needs, except when a major new product is being introduced. In this circumstance there is typically a lot of new parts, a lot of changes and never enough hours in the day. Aluprototyping can help you in these overload situations.

What materials are available?
Aluprototyping stocks a variety of aluminum materials that are available in the sheet stock we use in our process. Like stainless steel, zamak and brass. While Aluprototyping’s material choices are much broader than those available with rapid prototyping, they are nevertheless more limited than in injection molding. Most materials are available in only one or two grades and in one or two colors — typically Black and Natural or White. Some materials are only available in certain thicknesses.

How do I get a quote?
E-mail your request to us and we will send you a quotation in 48 hours. Send an e-mail to click here.

What is the relationship between Aluprototyping and Alumess?
Aluprototyping is a business unit of Alumess. For many years we only used our prototyping service for ourselves, now it is also possible to use as third party.

What do the two services have in common?
They share core technologies but apply them differently. They also share some staff and facilities.

What service does each service offer?
– Aluprototyping makes CNC machined parts directly from 3D CAD models in as little as one day.
– Alumess is a specialist foundry and full service supplier established in the Netherlands, situated in China.

What are the advantages of working with Aluprototyping and Alumess?
Both provide parts made directly from the customer’s 3D model, reducing the likelihood of errors. Proprietary software automates tool-path generation to decrease lead times and reduce costs.

What are the capabilities of the Aluprototyping process?
It supports up to four side actions per mold.

The cost-effectiveness of the process typically begins where Aluprototyping’s CNC machining leaves off, at 10 or more parts. In production applications, it has been used for runs of tens of thousands of parts.

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